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Hale Parish Council has 10 Parish Councillors each of whom is elected for a term of up to four years by the electors of the Parish. The Statement as to Persons Nominated for the current term (2018-2022) can be accessed here.  A statutory annual meeting is held in May at which the Chairman and Vice Chairman of Council are elected by the Council members at the start of the civic year which runs from May to April.


Cllr Mark Roberts - Chairman

Mark Roberts was Elected to the Parish Council in June 2023

Mark regularly assists with the setting up and organisation of village events, including the Carnival, an event which goes back many decades and which pulls people into the village like no other. 

He became a Freeman of Hale in 2017 and assists with as many of their fund raising and charity events as possible, including the recent Coronation celebration at the Childe of Hale Pub, the Jubilee Celebrations at the cricket pitch in 2022, the OAP Christmas Mingle and Jingle and the annual Beer Festival.

He assisted and continues to work with the Friends of Hale Village in the setting up and maintenance of the Jubilee memorial at Parsonage Green

A co-founder and organiser of the Hale Seashore Dash, an annual charitable fun run along the shoreline Mark has helped raise thousands of pounds for village events and helps to provide enjoyment  for those who participate and those who assist with organisation.



Cllr Catherine Williams - Deputy Chair

Cllr Catherine Williams was co-opted onto the Parish Council in 2012 and subsequently re-elected in 2014 and 2018.  As a business owner, Cllr Williams offers much support to the functions of Hale Parish Council, serving as an expert on catering and cooking workshops offered by Hale Parish Council. Cllr Williams brings a progressive outlook to Council business, generating a keen interest in many new ideas and initiatives for the Council to explore. Having been at the forefront of providing new services and activities for residents of Hale, Cllr Williams has seen the Parish Council evolve over recent years to become a strong force for the village that is the backbone of the community and provides a powerful tool that serves residents with a robust support system to protecting and develop what is most important to them. 


Carol Anderson.JPG

Cllr Carol Anderson


Luke Image001.jpg

Cllr Luke Trevaskis 

Cllr Luke Trevaskis was co-opted onto Hale Parish Council at the age of eighteen in 2008, serving as the youngest Parish Councillor in the Country at the time. Luke has subsequently been re-elected in 2010, 2014, and 2018. Representing a younger voice in the community, Luke has been keen to encourage the Parish Council's involvement with the next generation of residents. Spearheading the Neighbourhood Plan, a greater number of youth activities, and local assistance groups such as Hale Memory Makers, Luke's grass roots approach to Council business offers refreshing new perspectives and opportunities for a creative and imaginative future Parish.


J Brown.JPG

Cllr Jason Brown



Pat Lewis.jpg

Cllr Pat Lewis

Cllr Patricia (Pat) Lewis was elected to Hale Parish Council in June 2023. Pat served for 38 years as a teacher, mainly in Liverpool, before moving to Hale Village with her family in 2010. Since becoming a resident, she has enjoyed being a keen participant and volunteer for all manner of events ranging from serving in the Village Hall ( old and new) Coffee Shops to decorating the Village Hall and marshalling at village events; from assisting at The Hale Shore Dash to helping on various fund raising occasions for Cancer Charities, The British Legion and Children in Need. Pat was actively engaged in Friends of Hale Village projects during and after The Pandemic, such as delivering essential items to vulnerable residents, providing transport and helping to set up ‘A Warm Space’ in Hale Village Hall. She continues to help on a regular basis at the weekly ‘Tea and Chat’ Sunday sessions in the village Youth Centre and helps with the general tidy up of the Hale Park entrance and the maintenance of Parsonage Green, as well as at other ‘Friends’ events. Pat is a member of several village groups, notably the Mersey Wave Choir in which she has been involved since 2012. She is currently a Committee member and the music librarian. As a consequence of being so involved in the community, Cllr Lewis is ‘in touch’ with many residents. She is always willing to be ‘a listening ear’ to anyone who has concerns or is experiencing difficulties and she is committed to giving support whenever she can.


Bernie Cleary.JPG

Cllr Bernie Cleary

Cllr Bernie Cleary was elected to Hale Parish Council in 2018. Having a career working for GMB, Cllr Cleary has helped the Parish Council to align its salaries to the Foundation Living Wage whilst working to improve the appraisals and recruitment process.  Cllr Cleary helped to facilitate the recent refurbishment of the monument, gun and flag pole. 


Cllr Patricia Lewis



Jo McNamara.JPG

Cllr Joe McNamara

I was born in Limerick in the Mid-West of Ireland in the late fifties. I moved to Liverpool with my family in the mid-sixties and then my work took me to Coventry in the midlands in 1998 before retiring to Hale Village in 2014.

I worked for Vestric (AAH) in various management positions culminating in a senior project manager role for nearly forty years. I am currently a Trustee Director for one of AAH’s pension schemes which is responsible for around 3000 employees and I have held this role for almost 20 years.

 Since moving to Hale I have been happy to volunteer and help out on lots of activities happening in the village, in order to help build a sense of well-being and community.

 I am a Freeman of the Village and I enjoy socialising and meeting new people.

I will continue to encourage the good people of Hale to come along to the monthly

council meetings and let us know what they think we can do for them. It is an opportunity

for residents to see how the council works and how the annual precept is set and spent on your behalf.

I believe that this will help build a better sense of community and make Hale a better place to live.


Gary Wright cropped.jpg

Cllr Gary Wright

I firmly believe that the job of any Parish Councillor is to serve the community, irrespective of age, race, colour, religious belief, ability, gender, sexual orientation or sexual identity.   

As a long term member of the Parish Council I have the best attendance record at meetings, and have been one of its most proactive members. I am willing to participate in all planned events, serve the community and to help with all of the practical aspects of village life.

I was born in Hale Village, married in St Marys Church, and my Grandchildren were christened here, I have Hale Village at my Heart.

I have served Hale Village on a daily basis for the past 23 years at Hale News and I have supported charities, social groups and various fund raising events, within the village with donations and with practical help. 

I was the Chairperson of the New Village Hall committee for three years recently, and I attended the Hall on a daily basis for over a year undertaking the role of an "unpaid manager" I regularly organised bookings, helped with accounts, general maintenance and cleaning, and I am always happy with practical help. When the toilets don't work or the building needs maintenance I'm happy to offer any help I can.. 

Currently, I serve on the Village Hall management committee helping to ensure its smooth running,

I believe that as a community we need to be looking forward to the future, ensuring our young people are part of village life, for today and for tomorrow. They are the future of our village and will provide the next generation of Parish Councillors.



Cllr Peter Healey



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