Hale Parish Council has 10 Parish Councillors each of whom is elected for a term of up to four years by the electors of the Parish. The Statement as to Persons Nominated for the current term (2018-2022) can be accessed here.  A statutory annual meeting is held in May at which the Chairman and Vice Chairman of Council are elected by the Council members at the start of the civic year which runs from May to April.

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Cllr Luke Trevaskis - Chairman

Cllr Luke Trevaskis was co-opted onto Hale Parish Council at the age of eighteen in 2008, serving as the youngest Parish Councillor in the Country at the time. Luke has subsequently been re-elected in 2010, 2014, and 2018. Representing a younger voice in the community, Luke has been keen to encourage the Parish Council's involvement with the next generation of residents. Spearheading the Neighbourhood Plan, a greater number of youth activities, and local assistance groups such as Hale Memory Makers, Luke's grass roots approach to Council business offers refreshing new perspectives and opportunities for a creative and imaginative future Parish.


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Cllr Malcolm Spargo - Vice Chairman

Cllr Malcolm Spargo was co-opted onto Hale Parish Council in 2018. Having lived in Hale for over forty years, Cllr Spargo is a Freeman of Hale and gains great satisfaction in participating in village projects that help to promote and maintain the community spirit that the village is renowned for. Always enjoying the atmosphere in the Ward, Cllr Spargo recognises the potential for improvements and would like to ensure the most vulnerable residents are provided for. With extensive experience in hospitality, Cllr Spargo has ambitiously assisted in directing the Village Hall Committee to create a facility that is commercially viable and a resource for the community. Cllr Spargo is committed to ensuring the hall delivers as a central meeting place to reduce isolation and improve community wellbeing. Cllr Spargo also has a firm interest in ensuring the views of residents are considered and acknowledged by local commerce.


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Cllr Ann Smith - McNamara

Cllr Ann Smith - McNamara was elected onto Hale Parish Council in 2018. Having moved to the village in 2014 with her husband following retirement, Cllr Smith - McNamara has been an active member of the Hale Carnival Committee and endeavoured to seek out as many ways as possible to help engage with the residents of Hale in order to get a better understanding of what the village needs and what help can be provided. As Chair of the Wellbeing Committee, Cllr Smith - McNamara has embraced her role within the community, delivering a successful Christmas Festival and exploring a number of new activities to increase skills, reduce isolation and improve the wellbeing of residents. Being at the forefront of delivering community classes for Hale such as the British Sign Language course, Cllr Smith - McNamara offers a proactive approach to making Hale a more inclusive Parish. 


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Cllr Carol Anderson



Cllr Catherine Williams

Cllr Catherine Williams was co-opted onto the Parish Council in 2012 and subsequently re-elected in 2014 and 2018.  As a business owner, Cllr Williams offers much support to the functions of Hale Parish Council, serving as an expert on catering and cooking workshops offered by Hale Parish Council. Cllr Williams brings a progressive outlook to Council business, generating a keen interest in many new ideas and initiatives for the Council to explore. Having been at the forefront of providing new services and activities for residents of Hale, Cllr Williams has seen the Parish Council evolve over recent years to become a strong force for the village that is the backbone of the community and provides a powerful tool that serves residents with a robust support system to protecting and develop what is most important to them. 


Cllr Chris King


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Cllr Bernie Cleary

Cllr Bernie Cleary was elected to Hale Parish Council in 2018. Having a career working for GMB, Cllr Cleary has helped the Parish Council to align its salaries to the Foundation Living Wage whilst working to improve the appraisals and recruitment process.  Cllr Cleary helped to facilitate the recent refurbishment of the monument, gun and flag pole. 


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Cllr Bernie Mitchell



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Cllr Jason Brown




Cllr Peter Healey