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On Thursday 10th November 2022 at 6pm

in Hale Village Hall

An open meeting with Richard Dimisianos who is the Town Planner in charge of reviewing the project below has been arranged.

Anyone with an interest in this preliminary meeting is welcome to attend the meeting so please share this information.


Plans are being drafted by Knight Hill Homes Ltd. for the development of high quality and sustainable homes at Land bounded by Church End & Town Lane in Hale village. Knight Hill Homes Ltd. have prepared a draft layout which demonstrates how 13 homes can be accommodated at the site (attached). To ensure the best possible development is delivered, we would like to capture your views to help develop this further.


The site forms part of an allocation for residential development within the Halton Borough Council Delivery and Allocations Local Plan which was adopted in March 2022. We understand the importance of designing a development that is appropriate to its setting and respects the designated conservation area. The proposed residential development will provide 13 homes alongside new accesses and landscaping. The development will deliver a mix of homes in a range of sizes, with 25% of these being affordable.


Our emerging proposals for the site would deliver a range of benefits, including:

• The delivery of 13 high quality new homes, in a range of sizes to meet local needs.

• Provision of 25% affordable homes for those in need.

• A high quality and attractive residential development, carefully designed to complement Hale Village and provide housing that meets the aspirations of local people.

• High quality soft landscaping across the site.


Your views are important to help us develop our scheme and are very much appreciated. Given that the principle of residential development here has been set by the newly adopted Local Plan, we are specifically seeking views on the design of the proposed layout. However, all comments will be welcomed and reviewed.


We intend to submit a full planning application in the next couple of months and would like to request a meeting with you in person or via Teams call. Could you kindly advise on your availability?


Richard Dimisianos

Town Planner

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